5 years in the making.

I can't even believe it, but yesterday I gave a presentation much like lots of other presentations I've given in the last five years (though it was MUCH longer, seriously, just over 2 hours). And this time, after I was done, they gave me a Ph.D.!

I went to the same post-defense celebration in the conference room that we always have, but this time it was for me. So surreal. I'm sure it will sink in more soon, but for now I'm just kind of sleepy! It was great to have so many people come yesterday, both to the defense and to hang out after. Pictures (the few I have) to follow, but for now I'm watching a movie and then going to a birthday party, neither of which involve me actually uploading pictures from my camera :)

Be excited - now I'll be back to blogging! and reading and commenting on blogs! and reading books FOR FUN! (side note, somebody asked me yesterday what I was the most excited for, and I seriously said reading for fun. I'm such a nerd.) And I'm DOUBLY excited that next weekend my family is coming, and I'm walking at graduation with my friends.

Oh, and if you want to call me Dr. Jane now, that's totally cool :) it's not jinxing it anymore!!

and ps, I need to change the header on my blog. I'm not a graduate student anymore really (well definitely not past August, when I officially get my degree). Any ideas for what to use instead?


The slowest guy ever.

I owe whoever is still reading this some awesome wedding recap posts (2 in fact!) but before I do that, checking in from my phone with this quick story.

Earlier it was really sunny but it was supposed to start raining, so Chris left on his motorcycle to get it inspected and I eventually convinced myself to go on a run. I did this by running into Arlington with my Dunkin Donuts card and library card on me so I could go to the library and then get iced coffee. Perfect plan, right? Well while I was out, the clouds started rolling in.... I gave up on the library seeing as I had no bag for my books if it did indeed rain, and just went to Dunks. Where I encountered.... The slowest guy ever.

The line was already long, and there was this group of middle school girls there decked out in full 80s gear (not sure what that was about), and the guy in front of me was with his wife and 2 kids. It literally took him over 5 minutes to order, and then he kept changing it! Adding and subtracting bagels, changing coffee types, etc. The girl behind the counter was trying not to laugh, so it wasn't just me. And to top it off, the entire time I'm looking out the window as the sky is getting darker and darker... If you've seen Love Actually, where he's trying to buy a gift from Mr. Bean at the jewelry counter- it was just like that.

I made it home after it started sprinkling but before any serious rain. Chris isn't here yet though, and I hear thunder.... Guess he'll be drenched when he gets here!