random thoughts

So, as many of you know I have a Mac. And on my Mac I have the Dashboard, on which I have the Post-it application, which basically makes glorious post-it looking things appear ON MY COMPUTER and I can use them just like real post-its! It's fantastic. So of course, some of them I use for useful things (confirmation numbers, phone numbers, etc) and some of them I use for things I find amusing/thought provoking. So today, for some reason, I am sharing the amusing/thought provoking things with all of you!

  • after the shooting that took place at a university when a woman who didn't get tenure opened fire in a faculty meeting, there were lots of blog posts about faculty carrying firearms and the like. my favorite quote from the entire thing: "Considering the tendency of most professors I know to forget their glasses, flash drives, notebooks, coats, cell phones, I’d predict that all those well-armed professors would have buried their guns under a pile of research in their respective offices and not have had them at the meeting anyway."

I also have a wedding-related amusing things post-it, which contains:
  • "I'm an only child, so the whole sister thing is completely foreign to me… But FUCK HER. Stick a flower in her hair and give her a non-bridesmaidal job to do, just like the twelve-year-old.
    Wedding planning is stressful enough when you're surrounded by your favorite people." - on someone writing into a blog asking for advice about her sister acting like, well, a twelve year old
  • "Overextended and yet still Kicking A$$ Brain" - I'd like to think this is my normal mode, instead of "overextended and failing miserably brain"
  • "I wish we could register for free time." - best. idea. ever.


where did the name come from?

I'm sure some of you have wondered where the name and/or web address of my blog came from, and today I felt like sharing.

well, the headline "live every week like it's shark week" SHOULD be obvious...that was Tracy on 30 Rock. which is a hilarious show. and if you don't watch it, you should. ANYWAY, it's just because, well, I love Shark Week. I've been watching Shark Week every year since it started. It usually took place while I was in Sanibel with my family, and we grew up on it. Now, I force everyone around me to watch it too. Fact - I JUST deleted the last of Shark Week from August off my DVR 2 weeks ago.

the address - acceptanceenergyhappiness - was started by Emily. See, Emily got some of us these bracelets that are Brazilian, you tie three knots, and make three wishes, and when the bracelet falls off things come true. We decided to do words instead of wishes - things we wanted more of in our lives. So these are mine:
  • acceptance - meaning things like "wow this traffic really sucks, but nothing I can do about it, so might as well listen to the radio" - something I picked up from reading The Happiness Project (another thing you should check out, along with 30 Rock and Shark Week, if you haven't.)
  • energy - well, that's a given. I'm a Ph.D. student, babysitter, I work in a bookstore, I'm the president of the Graduate Student Association AND the social coordinator for said organization. I'm planning a wedding. and I make some effort to spend time with my friends and Chris, and talk to my family. Exercise...right, when I have time (that 10K is going to go really well...) but yeah, energy? that, I could use. Luckily, I've always been naturally high energy.
  • happiness - obvious. 

What would you pick as your three words/traits that you want more of in life?