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So, as many of you know I have a Mac. And on my Mac I have the Dashboard, on which I have the Post-it application, which basically makes glorious post-it looking things appear ON MY COMPUTER and I can use them just like real post-its! It's fantastic. So of course, some of them I use for useful things (confirmation numbers, phone numbers, etc) and some of them I use for things I find amusing/thought provoking. So today, for some reason, I am sharing the amusing/thought provoking things with all of you!

  • after the shooting that took place at a university when a woman who didn't get tenure opened fire in a faculty meeting, there were lots of blog posts about faculty carrying firearms and the like. my favorite quote from the entire thing: "Considering the tendency of most professors I know to forget their glasses, flash drives, notebooks, coats, cell phones, I’d predict that all those well-armed professors would have buried their guns under a pile of research in their respective offices and not have had them at the meeting anyway."

I also have a wedding-related amusing things post-it, which contains:
  • "I'm an only child, so the whole sister thing is completely foreign to me… But FUCK HER. Stick a flower in her hair and give her a non-bridesmaidal job to do, just like the twelve-year-old.
    Wedding planning is stressful enough when you're surrounded by your favorite people." - on someone writing into a blog asking for advice about her sister acting like, well, a twelve year old
  • "Overextended and yet still Kicking A$$ Brain" - I'd like to think this is my normal mode, instead of "overextended and failing miserably brain"
  • "I wish we could register for free time." - best. idea. ever.

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