January Goals Recap

I meant to post this yesterday, but after my driving adventures (over 3 hours to school, 1.5 hour meeting, 1.5 hours home) I got a little distracted and spent the time cooking myself lunch instead. Which, by the way, came out pretty well on round 2 (round 1 = failure), but that's another discussion.

So let's see how I did on my January goals!

Even though last month I definitely did not meet all of my goals, I still liked having them, so I'm going to try again for January ---
  • keeping in line with my  New Years Resolutions: 
    • exercise at least 2.5 hours/week.
      • I'd say I got a 50% here - I was really good about exercising half of the time, and the other half of the time I was not. The snow is not totally to blame, but it is hard to stay motivated to go do anything outside when it just.keeps.snowing.
    • read at least 4 books, so that I'm well on my way to 52 in 2011. 
      • 4, no. 3 - yes. 75%?
    • drink water
      • I didn't do very well with this after the first week, but I did notice the difference on days when I was conscious of my water drinking habits. 30%. 
    • take vitamins
      • not.one.time. oops. 0%.
    • start the bedtime routine
      • umm... yeah, no, that didn't happen either. 0%.
    • blog 3x/week (at least) 
      • Not 3x/week - but I did blog 9 times in January, so that's another 75%.
  • update my CV/resume and track down recommendation letters for jobs
    • updated it mentally... didn't write it down. asked people about letters, but didn't actually get any yet. 40%.
  • make a dissertation submission timeline and run it by my whole committee
    • DONE! :) 100%.
  • have a wonderful MLK weekend celebration for Lindsay's shower/bachelorette celebration, and stay within my spending budget while doing so:)
    • I'm going to give myself an 85% here. I did in fact have a fantastic time at the festivities, and I did not go over my personal budget for the event, BUT because we used my credit card for some of the charges and I'm still a little short, in the long run I may go over my budget. But that's OK, because it was really fun - especially the karaoke part!
  • successfully plan most if not all of Anna's bachelorette festivities for February!
    • why yes, in fact, I did do this! I'd say I'm 85% done, which is 100% done with this goal:)
  • organize my recipes: when I saw Katie over last weekend, she gave me an awesome recipe binder instead of a cookbook for an engagement present, and since I absolutely love it I want to start using it. 
    • ....still in the plastic wrap. 0%.
  • finally finish decorating our apartment (mostly meaning pictures) - we've lived here for almost a year a half. it's time. 
    • nope. Didn't even start. 0%.
  • and, perhaps most exciting... I am on track to completely pay off my credit cards in January! since one of them has had a balance since I studied abroad in college (yes, I know that's bad. I paid for everything myself, and I don't exactly make bank as a graduate student. But I reformed and now am much better with money) this is a HUGE deal to me, and something I am looking forward to celebrating!
    • DONE DONE DONE!! Did I celebrate? Nope, unless you count mentally. But I don't care. :) 100%!
So fellow goal setters - how did you all do? Probably better than me, considering I think my average is somewhere around a 50%. But it's OK! It's better than nothing. 

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