oh hi there.

i'm back!

school is back up and running in full swing, and i've gotta say, it's very weird - but not bad, good, just weird - to be on this side of it. this is the first year since i went to preschool that i'm not a student, and i'm still adjusting to the change in how i see myself. i'm not a student anymore! i have a real job! actually, i have four! (yes, four. my real jobs don't pay well.) it'll hit me at the weirdest times, like driving home and sitting in traffic, just like i have for the past 5 years. it's even weirder because i'm teaching at the same university where i did grad school. i have my own office now, but it's in the same place where i squatted (aka, not my office, but the one where i spent all of my time) for the past few years. it's definitely interesting.

so far, i like it. i am still getting a handle on how to time manage it all, though it's wonderful to not constantly feel like there's some unknown amount of work to do hanging over my head. not that i don't have work to do, but it's my work, and i'm the one setting the deadlines for the most part. i'm a huge fan so far. i like having students, and i like how different the two schools are from each other. i like still seeing the kids i babysit for, and i even don't mind being at the bookstore - that's the only place where i can be less professional! it's fun, for now, though i'd imagine eventually i'll get tired.

as part of this new time management and money management system (we are currently paying for a wedding, after all!) i actually made a meal plan and a grocery list and went shopping for the week on sunday. so far it's working ok, but it's only day 3 and we are already straying from the plan. i don't care about that, though, so long as we aren't going out to eat or getting take out! i took out a bunch of cookbooks from the library, and bought a couple at the Borders going-out-of-business sale, and i'm welcoming other ideas...anyone have any?

in other news, wedding planning is flying along, and i can't believe that this past weekend was 6 months out. it's insanity. i'm also running my first half marathon on saturday, and no, i am probably not prepared. but it's too late for that now. so i'm thinking it'll be fun, it'll be pretty fall New England on the north shore, and i'll finish - and that's all i care about.

so this is long, but it's mostly just a "oh hi! I'm back!" and hopefully i'll be around more now :)

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