Father's Day

So it's Father's Day today, which tends to be an interesting day for me - I usually completely forget that it is happening! What with my dad passing away when I was a little kid, and all of the drama with the jackass-formerly-known-as-my-stepdad, plus I don't have any grandparents left....it's just not a very big day.
This year, however, I decided to be a grownup (OK, Chris convinced me to be a grownup) and I sent my stepdad a book from Amazon and an email for Father's Day. I mean, he wasn't ALWAYS a jerk...
I also emailed his dad (my step-grandfather I guess?) and said happy father's day, and wrote on new daddy Joey's facebook wall :)

Only thing left to do is the yearly tradition of a toast to my dad -three times a year, we toast - on his birthday (May 23), on Father's Day, and on the day he died (Dec. 27) - we used to do it with Heineken, but now I can't drink Heineken, so on his birthday I asked my mom if wheat-free Guinness would do. As I suspected, my dad A)wasn't too discriminating of a beer drinker and B) loved Guinness, so Guinness it is.

Happy Father's Day everyone!

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