Yay!! :)

(the photo is Rae relaxing in the backyard at Chris's parents' house earlier this summer)

The exciting news just keeps coming :)

I got an excellent phone call from Rae last night telling me that James proposed (actually, all she did was giggle and say "I can't even say it", to which I responded "You have got to be kidding me!!" LOL). I, in fact, called it a while ago when I said to Rae "Maybe James will propose while you are on your trip over July 4th!!" Evidently, I was right.

My only request was that they not get married in April 2011 - I don't think I can squeeze in another wedding between Anna's and Lindsay's - to which the reply was "I'm not in any rush." those who know Rae know why that is quite possibly the funniest thing she's ever said :)

So basically, all I wanted to say is... CONGRATULATIONS RAE AND JAMES!! :) :) :)

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  1. agreed that her comment is pretty funny ;)