April recap: between weddings

The morning after Lindsay and Joe's wedding, Chris, MegD and I left fairly early to make the drive back to MA so Meg could fly back to Chicago. Drive was uneventful, we ate some Cheetos, and Meg had to go home :( Chris and I went back to our apartment and basically crashed - especially me - I think I slept for a couple of hours!

The next day was Marathon Monday (which, if you are unaware, is better than Christmas :) ) Margo and I met up early and got Starbucks and did some bridesmaid recapping, because she was a bridesmaid that weekend as well, and then watched the wheelchairs and then the elite runners running by in Washington Square. 

We met up with more friends - Carla and Matt, and then eventually found Bobby and his very drunk brother. By far the highlight of my day was when Rob went by - I had been tracking him on my phone all morning, so we camped out until we saw him, and he saw us too! He's speedy so it wasn't too crowded when he went by, plus we knew what he was wearing :)

We spent most of the day at American Craft, which I really liked, plus it was warm enough to have the windows open to the street. After a while my other friend Matt and his friend from home met us, and we took the T down into Boston so that I could meet Chris, Jess, and Rob to get a drink and congratulate Rob on his successful marathon and on qualifying for Boston again!

At that point, the three of us took the worst T ride I have ever taken. We were stuck between Kenmore and Hynes for at least 20 minutes. Two T workers used their keys to open the doors and walked out into the tunnels, and a BC kid across from us said he'd pay them to take him with them to a bathroom. We ended up playing charades with complete strangers. It was absurd.

After the T ride from hell, we got to see my favorite Atlanta residents for a very brief visit, and then we went home to Arlington again, via Brookline where I parked my car. All in all, a successful marathon Monday.

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  1. Delays on the trains really DO suck!! Matthew was delayed one evening for 40min!! He said the train didn't move for at least that long. apparently someone was "on the tracks" and all trains were stopped until the police got there. weeeeiiird but it was sooo annoying waiting for him! haha