oh hi, I'm back :)


I accidentally disappeared.


But I'm back now!

To be honest, after I did my dissertation defense, there was no way I felt like blogging or doing much of anything. I defended, went to a birthday party, worked the entire next week, got sick, ran 2 races in 4 days, did a graduation weekend, and went back to Arizona for Chris's cousin's wedding and to see my friends/family. Whirlwind! We got back Sunday night, celebrated Chris's birthday on Monday, and yesterday was the first day I was just home. (I wasn't supposed to be, but I unexpectedly didn't even have to babysit!) Last night, I went to the Red Sox game with Margo and Erin, and then today I should be being productive....but so far, I've been playing with my new iPad (yay graduation gift! it came yesterday!) and watching TV (Easy A came on...how could I resist?)

But now I'm back. And the blog is back! Get excited. Lots of recaps from mid April on are on the way....

For now, I leave you with this picture from the Sox game last night. In case you were wondering, they played the Chicago White Sox and they lost - though they apparently made a valiant effort in the end (not gonna lie, left during the 8th inning). So much for my one game this year. And there was a BALLOON on the field. Seriously? At least beforehand we stopped at Cornwalls (cider + portobello mushroom salad = yum).

see that big spot? a balloon!

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