new year, new advice.

school started.

that's really all i have to say about that particular fact. it means that my life is now 300 times busier than it was 2 weeks ago, but i knew it was coming. KNOWING, however, doesn't mean i LIKE it. 
it's also occurred to me that, if i get the kind of job that i want, this will at long last be my last school year start....yikes.

what i do have for you, though, are some thoughts for the new undergrads who just arrived on campus (many of them can apply to life in general too i think):

  1. there's a 95% chance that, if you were given written instructions on how to do something/set something up, the answer to your question can be found in said handout. that's not always true (which is why i left 5% wiggle room), but i don't write the instructions for fun. i am mainly trying to avoid being asked the same question 85 times. and guess what? when it's IN the handout and you still ask? you look like an idiot.
  2. yes, this is how much textbooks cost. yes, we know it sucks. we have all had to pay for them. talk to the publishers about changing it. until then, there's not much we can do.
  3. if you need to hand in a letter from athletics so that you're excused from class when you have games, you should attach your game schedule to said letter. funnily enough, all of the girls have figured this out. the boys have to turn in the schedule later (in fact, they still haven't.) not sure what i'm trying to say about gender differences here, but just throwing that out there.
  4. last, and certainly not least, this is my yearly reminder that TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS. NEITHER ARE LEGGINGS. they are both made for wearing with things that are just slightly too short to be worn without leggings/tights. that means that any top that you wear with them must at the very least cover your ass. if not... YOU AREN'T WEARING ANY BOTTOMS. YOUR ASS IS HANGING OUT IN AN INAPPROPRIATE FASHION. 
        •  mind you, this is a yearly reminder because it continues to be an issue. i wore some very short skirts when i was younger, probably with some inappropriately high heels for said skirts.. but i always.wore.bottoms.
        • this also can be translated to "if you are wearing a skirt that is SO short that random individuals who see you on the street wonder how you possibly sit down in that (answer: you don't), you need to wear tights or leggings or your ass is ALSO hanging out."
any other ideas, folks? :)


  1. i love you. and that last leggings bit. i try to argue that all the time and alot of friends try to prove that they ARE pants and im like NO they're really NOT! grr they will never understand.

  2. You should tell the undergrads about Chegg.com. I rented my textbooks the last two years of school and saved about 34872357 dollars, especially the semester when I had 26 books I needed. YES, 26 books--about fifteen of them for one history course. Now, of course, where has it gotten me (nowhere, really) but everyone in my classes was always really excited when I would put the Chegg bit on the board...especially when the bookstore was out of a book/charging 250 dollars for it. Rent that shit for like seventy five!