things my 26 year old self does that my 16 year old self would not have liked

following Anna's lead, and stolen from Secret Society of List Addicts... things that I do now, at 26, that my 16 year old self would probably not like, or at least be very surprised by:

  • using the air conditioning in my car! that's a weird one, I know, but I didn't have AC in my car in high school (yes, in Arizona), and I didn't care. I thought it was a waste of gas to use AC. Even after I got Tito (my beloved car) I only used the AC when Cheryl and I didn't have AC in our apartments and it was 90 degrees out and humid and we would drive around solely to sit in the air conditioning.
  • just like Anna...eating tomatoes!! I hated them too. Now I'm not QUITE at the level of putting them in everything, but I am not anti-tomato anymore.
  • watching so much tv. I didn't really watch television in high school, and now I'm addicted. It all started with digital cable... once I could see what was on, I started watching it!
  • I also didn't drink at 16. I don't drink much now either, but I will say that my 16 year old self would be slightly appalled by some of my college (and just post college) antics - bar crawls, staying out all night, on occasion making out with boys when I didn't know their last names and met them walking down the street... I was much more "wild" in college than my 16 year old self would ever have imagined. Though my college friends reading this are probably laughing because I am still so lame in comparison to most!
Anyone else want to play?


  1. I am now ridiculously excited by making my home look less like a bunch of comic-book store nerds live here. I mean, don't get me wrong, our house still has toys and weird shit all over the place, but the thought of purchasing...say, couch-covers makes me salivate with glee. Candles and decorative sconces / framed pictures now also scintillate me at 25, whereas at 16 I was like WHATEVER MAN JUST THROW IT IN THE PILE I'LL FIND IT LATER.

    I also now carry a purse, which is pretty much something I did not do at 16. I just kind of...crammed stuff wherever. And while my choices in purses are often ridiculous (giant Nekokoneko cat head, anyone?) or knap-sacky, they are still purses.

    I now get along great with my sister and my parents (well, one of them, anyway) which my sixteen year old self would have rather died than even attempt to do. Then again, my family dynamic has changed a lot since then (for example, Dad stopped drinking) so I guess this is kind of a fifty-fifty situation, not that I just all of a sudden decided to get along with my folks and sister.

    And lastly, I am not nearly as permissive with children as I used to be. When I was sixteen, I was the kind of person who was like, "YEAH, TEAR IT UP! EAT CHOCOLATE FOR DINNER! STAY UP UNTIL 3 AM! YEAHHHHHHHHH" Now I'm much more of the "EAT YOUR VEGETABLES. THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT. IN THE BATHTUB, NOW. DO NOT RUN AROUND THE HOUSE. IF YOU DO THAT TO THE DOG ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO CLOUD UP AND RAIN ALL OVER YOUR PARADE" kind of person. Not to say that I'm a hard bitch when it comes to kids, but now that I am kind of a de facto stepmother (and pseudo-mom-like aunt), I find my willingness to let a child just go berserk has really waned. I'm all for horse-assing around when it's called for, but by God, when I say it's time to turn off the TV and sit down and eat dinner like a civilized human being, you'd better listen to me and not gripe about what I made for dinner (because I do not make gross food) or I am gonna come down on you like a ton of bricks :D

    ha ha ha.

  2. haha, i agree with your first one too :)i like decorating!

  3. Totally agree w/ you and Anna about the tomatoes! Too funny...wonder what it is about tomatoes, maybe the texture, I never liked the seeds...or the taste, but now I do! As a kid I use to only dip my chips in the watery part of salsa, to avoid the chunks of tomato haha.

  4. Jess - as a kid? I totally did that until a couple of years ago ;)

  5. umm.. I still do that sometimes.