cheryl, this is just for you.

i'm not entirely sure i'll have anything entertaining to say, but just for you lil', i am jumping onto the blog bandwagon.

and for my first entry, i have a survey to do that i am expecting the rest of you to do too.

Hi, my name is: jane

Never in my life have I been: blond? i don't know

The one person who can drive me nuts is: haha, there are many more than just one!

High school: was fun, but was a long time ago.

When I’m nervous: i talk really fast

The last song I listened to was: crystallized, by the xx

If I were to get married right now my best man/maid of honor: my sister.

My hair is: strong willed! it does whatever it wants.

When I was 5: i wasn't all that different than i am now.

Last Christmas: was awesome, because my mom and my brother came up here.

I should be..: in the shower, i went for a run but waited til the dishwasher was done so that it didn't steal all the hot water.

When I look down I see: my laptop.

The happiest recent event was: yesterday was a pretty sweet day :)

If I were a character on ‘Friends’ I’d be: totally the female version of ross. i'm such a geek!

By this time next year: i will have defended my dissertation and will have a ph.d.!

My current gripe is: actually i'm quite content right now.

I have a hard time understanding: anything involving spatial abilities is a problem.

There’s this girl I know that: is obsessed with all of her friends starting blogs!! :-P

I like you when: you make me laugh.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: it's a three way tie between chris, my mom, and anna.

Take my advice: live every week like it's shark week! (obviously)



  2. 2 blog posts in 1 day? If I didn't know better, I would say you liked this blogging thing. Also, did your survey :) who is the trendsetter now.