things you should never have to find out..

what it feels like the THIRD time that someone breaks into your car.
(in case you were wondering, you don't cry and honestly you aren't even that surprised. though that could be because i found it at 6:15am and i was just tired.)

on the plus side, this time no windows were broken! (i left my driver's side door unlocked parked in the garage-without-a-door behind my house)

on the not-plus side, my laptop got stolen. the one that i bought with the grant i won for school that had all my fancy software on it. that's all they took though - they left my nice laptop bag, which i appreciate. they opened the center console in my car too, probably looking for a gps, which i don't have.

i did all the stuff you do - went to Apple and got the serial number, filed a police report, talked to my insurance. thumbs up to the following:
-Apple not only gave me my serial number, they flagged it in their system, gave me a number to give to the police for contacting their security department, reinstated all of my itunes downloads ever so i didn't lose anything i downloaded, and gave me a coupon for $100 off in case i want to buy a new laptop.
-the Arlington police department came to my house so i could file the police report and told me to keep an eye on craigslist for something resembling my computer. i did in fact find something on there that night that looked like my computer, and they came back to my house to check it out and talked Chris and I through texting the guy! in fact, if the guy agrees to meet up in Arlington they will go get the computer and see if it's mine. they took all the info to have a detective contact him so fingers crossed!!!

i have renter's insurance (who doesn't after Ang's apartment building burned down?!?!) but since i have a $1000 deductible, there's no point in filing a claim and raising my rates - it wouldn't cover much of anything.
so this week, not only do i get to work every day (i'm scheduled at anthropologie 10 days in a row!) and DEFEND MY DISSERTATION PROPOSAL, i get to figure out how to get my personal laptop up to speed to operate the software i need for school without it costing a fortune.
i love my life.

on the plus side...at least i didn't have to get new windows!

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