why i love my 3 jobs

i have my dissertation proposal defense on friday afternoon.

since of the 5 people who read this, 3 won't know what that is - it's basically where my committee gets to read my 50 page (with references/figures/examples) proposal, then watch me make a little presentation about it and ask me questions. then we can discuss things like "is this project feasible?" and "what other variables should i look at?" that way, i don't spend a year or more of my life on something and then have them say "wait, why did you do that?!?!" at least hopefully not.

anyway, it's kind of a big deal.

my grad school friends all ask me questions about whether i feel ready in terms of the writing/presentation.
the kids i babysit for just say good luck.
and the girls i work with at anthropologie... ask me if i've picked out my outfit yet.

i love all of it :)

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