Katie and Parker!!! :)

This past weekend Rae and I got to drive up to NH to have breakfast with Katie and Parker :) Parker received some Dr. Seuss books about the beach which he looked at some and threw some, he played with Katie's cell phones, ate/threw some french toast and bacon, and we narrowly avoided being caught in a torrential downpour when we attempted to go on a walk. Good times!

and so now I am going to use this blog to shamelessly show you the following pictures/brag about one of my favorite kids ever (please note the mohawk):

he likes the trunk of the car (I don't blame him, it is huge, to him it must seem like a great place to explore)

  so cool in sunglasses, look at the grin :)

I spent at least 50% of the time trying to convince Katie to move back by bribing her with free babysitting and lots of time with her friends. In fact, so did Rae and Kristen. sooo Katie.... is it working yet?!?!?!?!?

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  1. LOVE THE PICS! You can't have her Janie! You need to move here instead :)