there are unintended consequences of this wheat-free diet.

it's been about a year since i last (conciously) ate anything with wheat in it. that means it's been a year of reading labels. it's also been a year of reading lots of blogs with yummy recipes :) and occasionally making said recipes. or just eating rice and frozen veggies for dinner, again.

a side effect of all of this label reading is that i've started to become a little obsessed with what's in what i'm eating. i have moved away from eating things that are highly processed, partly because there's wheat in many of them as a preservative/filler, and partly because once i started label-reading i started saying "eww!!! what IS that? i don't think i want to eat that."
(also, things with lots of random chemical-sounding ingredients make label reading a pain in the ass, so i just give up).

the unintended side effect of that i discovered today was that I think my taste buds are changing.

i took scotty that i babysit to the movies today (we saw despicable me, which means that yes, i saw it twice.) he ordered an icee and candy and i got some gummy bears, usually one of my favorites, but i think it's been about a year since i've eaten them. i read the box and they seemed ok so i went for it. and... i didn't like them. i ate about half (they were $4!! ridiculous) but they kind of tasted fake, like diet soda. gross.

i guess that's a good thing? but it's weird.

***major side note: i still drink a TON of soda. specifically Coke. i can't see giving that up anytime soon.***

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