if i had an extra hour...

i am procrastinating today (productivity fail.) SO inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs, the SHU box, let's play a game!

if the clock were set back 60 minutes right now, i would:
  • nap. not gonna lie, i may nap anyway. but i would feel less guilty about it.
  • if not nap, read one of my 10 library books...
  • ...or go figure out my new bread machine (yay for birthday presents!)

if i unexpectedly had the day off, i would:
  • deal with the laundry (both doing mine and putting away all the clean stuff that piled up from our trips, followed by sheets and towels, followed by throwing Chris's in for him since he hasn't done it either.)
  • answer all of my congratulations messages
  • catch up on the last of the school stuff I'm semi-behind on
  • return the pile of stuff that needs to be returned to Gap Outlet
  • do my nails, finally, they look gross
  • read the wedding magazines that i couldn't resist....  god i love magazines.
  • nap. again. :)

if somehow my school break coincided with a break from babysitting and i had a week off i would:
  • spend one day doing the things above
  • clean our apartment and do all the annoying errands we don't have time for (trip to goodwill anyone?)
  • most likely drive to nyc and dc to see my friends (so long as i could afford the gas)
  • finish cleaning out the closet
  • schoolwork. (i'll pretend i would do it, but would i? who knows.)
  • read :) and nap. pattern?

if our building at school finally falls down and i somehow got a paid year off out of it, i would:
  • finish.my.dissertation. (again, maybe. though if our building falls down i assume that gets an extension as well).
  • travel, visit friends and family all over the country/world
  • plan our wedding! (yikes)
wanna play? post your own :)

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