recap: Jess and Rob's wedding!

Congratulations Jess and Rob!!
In continuing with the recap posts...

right after we got back from Florida we had another fun event- Jess and Rob's wedding weekend! We literally landed 2 hours before Anna and Ben arrived (and spent basically that entire 2 hours trying to get back to our place on public transport...thanks for that, Boston.) But that's OK, because I went and got them and later Christen came too and it was one fantastic weekend of guests in our place :)
PLUS, a lot of other people who weren't staying with us came to
town too!

Emal and I with Tay

sophomore year roommates - we dress up nicely :)
this picture = sorority formal shot
The wedding was gorgeous, the weather was amazing. I'd never been in Marsh Chapel before even though I went to BU so it was interesting to see the inside (there's a stained glass window of Abe Lincoln! random.) The cocktail hour was on the roof deck by the pool at the Colonnade Hotel in Back Bay, which as I said while we were there "I only wish I was cool enough to hang out up here on a regular basis!" (Rob kindly pointed out that for $40, I could. Right.) Jess's dad gave an amazing speech. We all switched to flipflops (yet somehow I still had blisters on my toes). AJ and Joey brought the adorable Taygan along and he was rockin' out on the dance floor with the rest of us.

The morning after the wedding several of us went to Elephant Walk for brunch as well, which was phenomenal. And then everyone had to leave :( But that's OK, we have April 2011 to look forward to, for the wedding of these 2... classic photo, folks.
you two are my favorites.

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