recap: Sanibel 2010

I'm a little behind, but I promise to get back into my blog now... mainly because I'm semi-procrastinating other, more academic efforts.

From July 23-30 my family+a very patient boyfriend descended on Sanibel Island for our annual trip. We've been going every year since I was about 2 years old, so needless to say it's tradition. This year, we brought Chris along for the ride. Luckily he had a great time (quite possibly facilitated by us having our own room and bathroom rather than this being one of the years where 5 of us share a room...)

We went on a dolphin boat cruise where a mommy and baby dolphin followed in the wake of our boat for a good 10 minutes- so cute. The mom was just swimming along the outside, letting the baby play :) 

We also went into Ft. Myers Beach for one night, from which we have some fantastic photos, and a catchphrase from the trip (Never have I ever...eaten pot roast - due to Chris's inability to hear the proper phrase. But seriously, who would use that in never have I ever??) 

Oh, and I got my entire family addicted to Glee :) Mostly we just went to the pool, spent some time on the beach, and relaxed. An excellent vacation which I am already looking forward to replicating next year!

If you are interested, here are some photos:

dolphins playing on our cruise :)

group shot in Ft. Myers Beach   
my sister is the best because she takes off her shoes and does choreographed dances in bars. and she lets me take pictures.

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