hurray, I read a book!

(also, I love lists.)

 thanks to google for all my images. particularly the one of "the list" from LOST. I really miss that show!

this week I:
  • finished my first book of my reading challenge. starting #2 tonight!
  • exercised for my goal time of 2.5 hours this week
  • worked at the Brandeis bookstore, unpacking boxes of textbooks, for HOURS
  • stayed home sick on Monday
  • drank more water, at least 2 Nalgenes full (except for today. I'm trying to catch up)
  • got to see my cousins! One in town from Chicago for work, the other came down from Maine. I hadn't seen the one from Chicago in THREE YEARS. It was fantastic:)
  • went to a cocktail+appetizers party in Jen's apartment which had fantastic food, Greek wine with a label I couldn't read, and an adorable dog to play with (not Jen's, her friend brought him).
  • spent 1.5 hours on a conference call today on my cell phone where I said not.one.word.
also, just watched the first video I've seen from Gretchen Rubin's youtube channel about The Happiness Project. This month's theme: Resolutions. This week: Set concrete goals.
Well, I think I did that already. Success!

This weekend has lots of errands on the agenda, and a trip to a wedding expo in Boston with Margo (which to be honest I'm slightly terrified about, but I think it'll definitely be something to see...) I thought Easy A would get here from Netflix but I don't think it will :( may have to find something else to do tomorrow night...

So lovely readers, how were your weeks? Anything exciting planned this weekend? Does anyone else love lists as much as I do?:)

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  1. Oh, listaholics unite!
    This weekend my "list" includes whole foods, christmas returns, library, spending time with the boyfriend, crafts, and last minute planning for my vacation on thurs!
    check, check check!