brief updates

  • I updated the Running tab at the top if you'd like to check it out:)
  • I also updated my A-Z Reading Challenge list. I'm not quite where I should be to read 52 new books this year, but after March 21 I won't be writing my dissertation anymore, and that's gotta help with the amount of time available to read.

If you are reading this soon after posting, I am running a 5K right now!! 
Check back later to see how it went.

new blog to check out: The wonderful Am has a new gluten free Boston blog! Go see it!

fun fact of the day: I really, really HATE this part of Daylight Savings. I love that it's light out after I get home, so I can run outside, or Chris and I can go for walks, and it's just easier to do anything after a day out of the house. But I HATE jumping the clocks forward an hour. Blah.

hope you are all enjoying your Sunday morning/early afternoons!
fun fact #2: even though it's been years since I've had sorority meetings on Sundays, I still feel like free Sunday afternoons and evenings are a treat. Guess 3.5 years of weekly meetings stick with you.
.... but I'd trade a free Sunday for getting to see everyone! Good thing someone's wedding will be here soon.

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