things I've always wanted to do #2 - CSA

Ever since I figured out that I can't eat wheat without feeling horribly sick/exhausted/foggy/itchy/etc, I've been much more aware of what I am eating. I read labels. I cook a lot more of my own food. I can't eat gummy bears anymore. I don't eat fast food. I try to go to restaurants with local ingredients. And last summer, I became really interested in joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where you pick up a box of produce at a farm near you every week for a set period of time. That way, you're supporting the farm, you are eating local, and you get to try crazy new vegetables!! (at least, I think you do).

This year, I took the plunge. Initially, I wasn't sure that Chris would go for it, but then I realized that I pay for our groceries and am in charge of that part of the expenses, so I didn't think he'd mind. I paid up front for a 20 week share at First Root Farm which is close by in Concord. I'm really excited!

It won't start until June, but at that point, be expecting lots of questions about "how am I supposed to use ALL OF THIS (insert random ingredient here)??" and other things like that.

Anyone else trying a CSA this year?


  1. We're not joining a CSA this year because the farmers market is 1 block away but we joined one a few years ago. We got a lot of veggies that we didn't usually cook with (kohlrabi, turnips, random cabbage, and radishes) and then TONS of tomatoes towards the end of the summer. Seriously, start planning what you want to do with tomatoes (canning?). Enjoy!

  2. I've not done a CSA but my office helps connect us to one that I've thought about joining. Their suggestion is to find a coworker who also wants to do it and split the food since it is so much. Maybe you can find a neighbor to help you knock out all those tomatoes.