Wasn't I supposed to be updating this thing more? Oops. Hasn't been happening, clearly. I blame my schoolwork - though reading other people's blogs when I do have free time also does not update my blog.
I promise to do better! :)

Updates: February Goals recap -- OH WAIT, I didn't actually post any. I had them, mentally, though. They included keeping up with my New Year's Resolutions, having fun at Anna's Boston-based shower and bachelorette party (and getting to hang out with her for a weekend, double win), planning and attending my last GSA Ski Trip, oh and doing all of the statistics for my dissertation (that little thing). The party was fun, the ski trip was a blast, my stats got done after a TON of drama that I will not be sharing here (though I will share over email with interested parties. I'll try to write posts about the other stuff though.) I read a couple of books and am almost done with a couple more. I exercised some of the time, but not as much as I wanted. I didn't always remember to drink water, but when I did I noticed the difference. Sounds...about the same as January.

March Goals -- Keep up with the New Year's Resolutions, have fun running the Ras na Heireann 5K this weekend, and finish my dissertation. (!!!!!) I'm entering a 6 week crunch time of one of the busiest periods of time I've had in recent memory. Taking care of myself and my sanity is a priority. I've updated my CV and been applying to jobs (boo, federal government hiring freeze until October at least). Things are slowly moving along.

How are you all doing? I miss hearing from people!

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