New desk!

Remember when Jess tried to put furniture together because what if she wasn't married and didn't have Rob to do it for her?

Jess, I thought of you today, because I did something similar:)

I decided it was time to buy a desk a few days ago. I was stalking them online, but hadn't decided for sure yet, and then I was at Target earlier and I found a desk that I liked! And it was on sale! So I decided to get it. I debated for a few minutes going back with Chris, because he'd have an easier time getting it into the cart, from the cart into the car, into the apartment... but then I thought "Jane, that's ridiculous. You lived alone for a year and a half! And you and AJ are masters of putting together furniture, you put together all sorts of furniture at 14A, you can do it!" (side note --- yes, AJ, I linked to your blog that you last updated in October. It's cool, you have a baby.)

I got that desk (and a cute lampshade for my old lamp from college to put on top, and a yummy candle) into the cart with some assistance from a Target worker, but then got it into my trunk and into my house alone. I also built it, and now it's sitting in our dining room all cute with my new lamp and candle on it. I haven't put anything in it yet, but that's in case we need to move it around the apartment. 

but yes.. I have a new desk! and I built it all by myself!

Alright, that's enough procrastinating. I built a desk, I'm sitting here in running clothes so I can go to the gym for the first time in a week, and then I need to come back and get back to dissertation revisions. Again. 

At least I can sit at my cute new desk:)

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  1. you go girl! glad you were able to put the desk together on your own :)