check it out:)

Just a quick note, because I'm trying to finish up some dissertation revisions and turn them in this evening so I can pick up MegD very late tonight and head out for Lindsay's wedding weekend tomorrow with NO WORK to do (!!) but check it out:

I replied to Heather (@HangryPants) on twitter about hidden gluten in food and now I'm on her blog today! (I'm @janieliz19, in case you didn't know. And if you didn't, you should follow me on twitter. I'm not necessarily insightful but I do share interesting tidbits from time to time.)

Heather's blog (Hangry Pants) is awesome, so you should check it out anyway. Particularly due to the word "hangry" Genius!

PS: it's SPRING BREAK at Brandeis! last spring break ever as a student.

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