Blogging on my phone?

I found a free app that would let me blog straight from my iPhone so I decided to try it and see what I think. There's a paid version/upgrade too, if I wanted to get fancy...

Not a lot to share here that I'm willing to share here on the interwebs. I turn in what is hopefully the final final draft of my dissertation tomorrow afternoon (hurray for a short extension!) I feel pretty confident about it, but if they approve it I'm defending in a WEEK from today. Yes, one week. That came up quick.

Other than that, lots of meetings and grading and a Brandeis presidential inauguration (the new president kissed me on the cheek!) Thinking about the wedding, but no real planning. Happy that I planned ahead for this by doing several things early. Excited about the 2 weddings happening later this month, especially the trip to SC where I'll be reunited with so many of my loves :) It snowed on April Fools Day, which was not amusing in the slightest. Ran a 5 mile race on Sunday and did well for me. Ready for more. I think
I'm addicted (I blame Margo)(even though Anna is the one that made us do the 10K). Looking at fall half marathons to do pre-Disney.... crazy? Maybe.

So those are the not-so-exciting things happening in this corner of the world. Oh, and we babysat Gizzy the pup again last week. Hilarious photos to follow from my real laptop.

E.T. is on, so I'm going to watch it/go to sleep. (side note- when I was little, I thought ET threw me out of bed when I was sleeping! I was so scared of him I used to hide the stuffed one my mom bought.)

Night all!

P.S. Margo--- start a blog!!!!
(this is only the beginning of my campaign)


  1. Laughing at my desk like a crazy person. Anyway, so excited that you did the race this weekend! I say we find a half this fall? You could always do the BAA Half, but I'll be gone that weekend.

    Most importantly, good luck with the dissertation!

  2. Margo, that comment had nothing to do with you starting a blog and thus, I am disappointed. I strongly support Jane's campaign for a Margo blog.