Inspired by Cheryl, and because I too am UNBELIEVABLY excited for Anna and Ben's wedding weekend (which begins for me in 21 days!! 3 weeks!! but who's counting) and reuniting with my favorite deltas, I started looking at pictures. And while Cheryl's post gave us classy wedding pictures, I give you pictures over the years.....

AJ and Joe's rehearsal dinner, summer 2009

the night before Cheryl and Ross's wedding, October 2009

sitting in AJ's backyard last summer (2010)

Jess and Rob's wedding (2010)

BU Pub, probably 2007?

definitely 2007.

I believe this was in NYC, summer 2007

Anna's birthday in D.C., 2008?

Boston, 2008

also in D.C.

Val and Kristin's, I think it's Emal's bday weekend 2007

formal, when I was "chaperone" (so 2007)

Barbados!!! 2006

And finally, with Ben on the very bar crawl where he and Anna started dating, 2007