Christmas goals - how did I do?

OK, a few weeks ago (almost 3 to be exact), these were the holiday goals I had in mind. Want to see how I did?
  • Make a list of all the gifts I still need to get. -  
    • HALF COMPLETE - Did I make a physical list? No. Did I made a mental list? Yes. Did I miss anyone? No. So while it was less organized than planned, I think that's a success. So, COMPLETE!:) 
  • Get the above gifts.
    • COMPLETE - I did get all of my gift shopping done before Christmas!
  • Christmas cards! Yup, still do them. Need to get all the addresses and write the cards and send them out. 
    • 85% COMPLETE, aside from the people who didn't send me their addresses in time. Those still need to get mailed. I don't really feel like battling the snow to go to the mailbox right now. I also have an online "happy new year!" card for a few people, that I will send on Wednesday/Thursday.

  • Aside from the previously mentioned almond bark, bake some cookies. Specifically, Mama Pea's dough balls - the snickerdoodle ones. Yum yum yum.
    • COMPLETE! -  I made dough balls THREE TIMES. (One epic failure and two successes, in case you were wondering). I also baked cranberry walnut scones. I even have pictures so I can write blog posts about it!

  • MAIL MY FAMILY'S GIFTS. Yes, I said that already, but I am not going home for the holidays so I really need to do this. It's my first year away from my mom and brother on Christmas. Not getting the gifts there = not cool.
    • COMPLETE!! I waited until the last minute, as always. BUT, they all got there on the day before Christmas. 
  • Wrap presents! And try not to hate it. Last year, I actually had fun doing it. That's a first, trust me.
    • COMPLETE - I wrapped all my presents, and I didn't 100% hate it. 
  • Switch the CD in my car (it's the backup music for when the radio is really bad) to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
    • COMPLETE! It skips. I need to burn a new copy.  
  • Finish decorating! Then I can post pictures!
    • Umm... 75% COMPLETE. Never really "finished" decorating - I had lights for the windows that I never put up. And I never took pictures. But I still can! So perhaps I'll "complete" this goal by December 31.
  • Play in the snow!  
    • Not complete yet, but have you seen the news?!?! We have over a foot of snow outside. I'll play in it before December 31.  
  • Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yearly tradition!!
    • COMPLETE- OMG I FORGOT TO WATCH CHARLIE BROWN BEFORE CHRISTMAS. So I did it while snowed in all day. I did watch Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street. I also plan on watching the rest of my holiday movies while it's still "the holiday season" (aka, before New Years.)

Stay tuned for A) A follow up on how I did with those last couple of nagging goals (decorations/pictures, last minute cards, etc)  and B) A description of the rest of the holiday.

How was your holiday weekend everyone?? Anything fun happen?

Oh, and PS - CONGRATULATIONS to MARGO and ROB, who got engaged over the holiday weekend :) :) :)

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