oops - forgot the holiday goals.

In all of my posting excitement, I forgot to include any holiday-related goals in my December Goals - or maybe, I'm just trying to meet my goal of posting 4x/week....yeah right, I can only wish I was that clever.

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Anyway! in no particular order, here's what I want to do in the next 18 days before Christmas!
  • Make a list of all the gifts I still need to get.
  • Get the above gifts.
  • Christmas cards! Yup, still do them. Need to get all the addresses and write the cards and send them out.
  • Aside from the previously mentioned almond bark, bake some cookies. Specifically, Mama Pea's dough balls - the snickerdoodle ones. Yum yum yum.
  • MAIL MY FAMILY'S GIFTS. Yes, I said that already, but I am not going home for the holidays so I really need to do this. It's my first year away from my mom and brother on Christmas. Not getting the gifts there = not cool.
  • Wrap presents! And try not to hate it. Last year, I actually had fun doing it. That's a first, trust me. Why is that, you ask? Because my mother used to make me wrap all of her presents for everyone. And she used to forget to take my presents out of the pile, so I would pick up a penguin ornament or the rereleased copy of E.T. on DVD, and know it was mine, and she would just say "ssh! just wrap it!" clearly, I've been scarred for life.
  • Switch the CD in my car (it's the backup music for when the radio is really bad) to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • Finish decorating! Then I can post pictures!
  • Play in the snow! clearly it will have to snow and stick for this to happen, but I would really like a white Christmas...
  • Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yearly tradition!!
how about everyone else? Anyone have any Christmas goals? Have any other good cookies for me to make - especially gluten free ones? :)

**yes, this post is half in red and half in green. because, again, I'm such a cool kid.


  1. Good goal, Jane! I think we should have a present wrapping party, and maybe that will make it more fun. I've also been meaning to make Mama Pea's dough balls. They sound so good!

  2. LOVE THE GOALS!! They made me remember to do those things:) Play in the snow...love it:) Charlie Brown Christmas is a must. I need to mail my gifts ha!

    p.s. LOVED your favorites...can't wait to make Boston my favorite too:)