December Goals

Inspired by my bestest friend and my my "twin", some December goals of my own:

  • 31 Day Yoga Challenge. complete it.
  • Copying Anna, run at least 20 miles this month. Hopefully more, but let's aim low, it's getting cold and dark outside.
  • Since I am running the Jingle Bell run, do a faster 5K than I did in the 10K last month. (which I will blog about. I swear. I even have a picture of us!)
  • Get all of my grading done for the semester by December 18th, a week before Christmas.
  • Make a plan to get my dissertation written by the proper deadlines.
  • Redo my CV (what we call resumes in this crazy academic world) so I can get, you know, a job. Or at least start applying.
  • Rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies before Christmas (Chris and I try to do it every year).
  • Mail my family's presents home in time for them to actually be there ON Christmas, not afterwards.
  • Blog at least 4 times a week. I want to get back into it!
  • Make almond bark from scratch- I've been dying to try it. 
  • Watch all of In Treatment. I'm almost done with Season 1, Emily has Season 2, and Season 3 is on demand until January 3rd, so if I want to watch it I need to get on it!
Any other ideas for me? Do you have goals for the month that you'd like to share?:)


  1. That is the same reasoning I have for the fairly low mileage for the month. That and the fact that December is crazy busy for me at work :-)

  2. I love the blog goal! Excited to read them

  3. Almond bark...delicious, make sure to post the recipe. Love your goals and LOVE your blog!!! Can't wait to follow it. My December goal is to make it through the month alive ha!

  4. haha, that is an equally valid goal. I agree! but I felt like it would be lame to write "goal: survive!" :)