yoga challenge fail

OK, so I started off REALLY well with the 31 days of yoga challenge...and then my back hurt. Like, really hurt, so I took 2 days off (last Tuesday and Wednesday).

And then... I don't know what happened. I did Thursday, but then I stopped again. I blame the following:
  • a 2 hour drive + 8 hours running dissertation subjects + a 2 hour return drive on Friday did not make me want to do anything except for eat dinner and get in my bed on Friday - which is exactly what I did.
  • I tried to get up early on Saturday, but Chris likes to stay in bed on Saturday mornings and be lazy, and that just makes it too tempting to stay in there where it's warm!
  • Yesterday, we went to Chris's grandparents' house for amazing Sunday lunch, and I didn't do it before we left because, again, lazy+warm....and then I had eaten SO much food when I got back, I decided to watch Lie to Me instead. (side note - Anyone else watch it? Thanks to Anna and Ben for that recommendation... I love it! And it's totally based in real psych research too. Paul Eckman, if you want to look him up.)
  • Last... stupid Verizon took the video I liked (YogaWorks) off of on demand, and I had to find a new one. Annoying.
So far, I've done 7 days, out of 13 (well today is day 13, but unless I motivate quite a lot in the next 1 hr and 37 minutes, it's not happening). While this makes me feel like a total failure in some aspects, in other aspects...that's still every other day on average, which is WAY more yoga than I did any month in the last year. So it's still progress, right? RIGHT?!!?

Anyone have some comforting words (or alternately, a big giant kick in the ass) for me?:)

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