manic monday = the last day of classes!

not sure if this will be a coherent post, but here's a ramble for you nonetheless.
  • today was Brandeis's last day of classes for the semester. this. semester. FLEW. unbelievable. I'm starting to get that "second semester senior" feeling.... guess that makes sense, because next semester will be my last in school, EVER. spent a couple of hours looking at job postings today and I just want to GRADUATE already.
  • 31 Day Yoga Challenge: so far, I've done yoga every day! some days have been more fun than others. My favorite yoga to do has been the Yoga Works Beginner AM/PM Yoga - it's free on demand. I think it reminds me the most of the classes I used to take. Like Anna said, I could probably do the intermediate ones, but I like the beginning ones better for now. Actually, on Friday night I tried to do an intermediate one post-glass-of-wine-and-salad, and post-12-hour-day-with-4-hours-driving, and it was brutal so I gave up and switched to an easier one. Whatever that one was, it had a cartoon girl and weird music. Not doing that again. I also tried one from YogaDownload - I tried the Yoga for Runners 25 minute, because my hips hurt and I thought it would help. I liked it, but I like Yoga Works better so far.
  • Speaking of Friday, I went to UMass-Dartmouth to run dissertation subjects for the day. 16 in one day! I'm going again this Friday and hopefully it will be just as productive. On the way back, grabbed salad for dinner at Watch City (man, I miss being able to drink their beer).  Saturday I stayed home for the day except for a quick run (2.06 miles done towards those December Goals! Oh, and Emily and I watched Sex and the City 2. And it was.... AWFUL. Like, I have never been so happy to have not seen a movie in the theater. Sunday I felt like crap. All stuffy and headachy, which I still am, so been trying to lay low. 
  • Currently, I am sitting on my couch (post-yoga! with my glasses on! they fell off during. Can't you picture it? I'm such a cool kid...right) watching The Sing Off. Fun fact for those who don't know - I sang in one choir or another (or voice lessons, or a capella groups at summer camp) starting at age 8 until college. Sometimes, I still miss it. Which is why I LOVE Glee and why I am currently enjoying this show. Chris is out, and he called to tell me that it's snowing, but it's not snowing by our place.
  • Oh, but I almost didn't mention the best part of the day.... MY NEW PLANNER STARTED TODAY!!! So I get to use it. (Thanks again to Sarah for posting about the wonders of the Space 24 planner, which I am now enjoying!!!) And, I got a new notebook (a Moleskin Peanuts 60th anniversary notebook with Snoopy on it, in case you were wondering), and I just started using that too. I'm going to get another one to use for dissertation things (I think the other one had Woodstock on it!! cute!), because I might as well have something to smile at during my hours of writing and statistics. I got new pens, too. I love new office supplies!!! Anyone else with me on that? (cough cough...Cheryl... )


  1. 1 - I too have been enjoying the Yoga Works AM/PM yoga class! We really must have the same on demand. I did it last night and tonight. I was going to do it this morning, but i hit snooze for an hour and a half and clearly didn't get out of bed in time.

    2 - I still haven't seen SATC2. Somehow I think its better that way.

    3 - When I'm having a bad day, I head into my office supply closet to add some highlighters to my deskside collection :-)

  2. I do love a good planner. Though I have to say, with my lovely iPhone, I've gone paper-free and I am head over heels for it.

  3. YAY new planner! it's so exciting to start a new one, isn't it? i'm glad you like the space 24!!